Sunday, 21 August 2011

Finally here

Well not posted in a while so this may be a big update.
Anyway we were still waiting on the final bits and pieces to be signed off on the house purchase bt had to move up for the start of school term. We felt it iwas important for the kids to start as quick as possible to give them the best chance of settling in.
So over two days we got the house packed up. The movers were fantastic. Very fast and professional.
So we said goodbye to the house and it was weird. Seeing the first home we had, the place I brought both my kids back to as babies empty was a very odd thing. I must admit leaving began to felt very hard. The kids said goodbye to their friends and again there were a few tears and I was beginning to wonder if I was evil as this move really is all my idea.
We set off for the ferry and I thought we had loads of time. We turned up at Aberdeen about 4:40 and we a bit stunned to see what looked like a loaded ferry. A quick check and it appeared that the ferry was due to leave at 5 and not 7 like I thought. Plus I was booked on the ferry from Lerwick to Aberdeen and not Aberdeen to Lerwick which was a bit of problem seeing as I was in Aberdeen.
I pleaded with the ferry staff who very kindly boomed me on the ferry and squeezed the car in right at the back. If anyone saw a rather harassed dad squeezing a car into a weird little gap at the back of a ferry last week at about 4:55 last week. That was me.
Thus gave another interesting problem. We had booked a cabin so e kids could sleep but the cabins were full for this trip. My youngest began to panic as she is one of these types who needs to sleep. I went to reception on the ferry to see if I could even get sleeper seats. I ink the guy took pity on me and managed to find me a two person cabin. So we had a nice dinner where the food was basic but tasty, watched a film which was fun and settled everyone down and then slept in a two person cabin which was tight but we all got a sleep.
Off the ferry and we we shattered so went to my lovely little rental to catch up on some sleep.
Later that day we took the kids in to meet the teachers. They dived straight in and seemed very happy so we left them to settle in.
The kids seems to have settled in pretty well. The school is amazing. The staff are very friendly and have made the kids very welcome. School dinners sound so good I am jealous plus m eldest seems to be starting to learn the fiddle now.
I guess I will keep this blog running as we settle in to Shetland.


  1. I was wondering how you and your family where getting on as we are thinking of making the move in a few years ago.

  2. I was wondering how you and your family where getting on as we are thinking of making the move in a few years ago.

  3. We are really enjoying it. it is very different living up here but you soon adapt. It seems to be a place you either love or hate. I love it to be honest,